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From Vacation to Paycation

Get out of the Rat Race

From Vaction to Paycation!
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If you were able to start your own business in a multi trillion dollar industry, using a multi-billion dollar system, and offer services and products that people WANT and already buy, would you start it?

If others turn to you and ASK for your products the moment you tell them what your business was, wouldn't that be the product you want to sell?

If you could make money even when you aren't working - while sleeping, while eating and while on vacation, wouldn't you want to be in that business?

If you could earn even MORE money by helping others succeed at doing what you are doing, wouldn't you want to help as many people as you could?

If you could do all of that for less than a $500 initial investment and a $50 monthly fee, wouldn't that seem MORE than reasonable, wouldn't you hurry up and join?

Well I said YES!!!! to all of that back in December of 2006 and it has been one amazing journey since then - even though I'm currently doing this part time!

I invite you to find out about me, my business and the opportunity to get yourself out of the rat race and away from those companies that work you into an early grave and don't care a thing about you or your loyalty.

The company I am with is YTB Travel Network. I have my very own online travel website www.amjtravel.com and I sell travel. I work to continuously learn about the products I sell and the destinations I specialize in, but I also have the ability to show others the tools they need to be successful in the very business industry that I am in.

If you ever wanted to start your own business, then read my journal. whether you join me or not, I'll challenge you to find your way into creating your own destiny. Because we SAY we want it, go out and get it!