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Top 10 reasons why I'm LOVING my business!

And yet ANOTHER Reason why I love my business! But let me break it down for you.

1. My own online travel website that works 24/7/365.
2. Same engine that powers Travelocity, so my prices are competitive!
3. I can choose to just sell travel, just sell the business opportunity, or do both. And there's no pressure from anyone at any time.
4. GREAT Training and support. The home office calls ME before I call them.
5. I save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year because its a home-based business (this one alone should get you home owners on this bandwagon!)
6. I make money, travel and THEN pay taxes, instead of the other way around.
7. Two words. Honeymoon Registry!
8. I sell MUCH More than travel on my website! Flowers, Golf Tee Times, Tickets, Disney....etc!
9. DUH! Travel SELLS! No need to buy products and convince people to buy my product - everyone wants what I have!

And the newest one...
10. Hi, I'm Ana and I'm your Association Specialist!

What does number 10 mean? It means that if you belong to or know organizations - whether non-profit or for-profit. I have been trained to work with your organization to set up a new stream of donations/income by setting up a special website for your organization. Then your organization can fundraise by having your members or others book the travel that they will already be booking anyway, through your website and your organization will earn commission!

For anyone who knows me, they know I am VERY passionate about causes. Just think about the potential revenue that can be raised for non-profits, through a new stream of fundraising, that isn't just asking for more money!


Churches, Health organizations, Social Organizations....WEEEEEEEE!!!! I can give back through my own business. This is great.




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I used to think that when Donald Trump would say "You have to do what you love" when he was asked to provide a business tip kinda sappy. But he was right! Its the first step.

Looks like you're doing what you love as well. It also doesn't hurt to make a 15k profits a month from what you love too.

Andrew Murray
YTB Paycation

November 2010

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