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Get Started Already

Many of us say we want to own our own businesses and be our own boss. If you are one of them, then good for you. But let me let you in on a little secret...

You may be your own worst employee.

For so many of us, once we start our own businesses, we slack off in a way we'd NEVER imagine doing if we were working for someone else. We tend to spin the wheels. We get ready to get ready. We buy all of the gadgets and techno toys we really didn't need because it would 'boost' business. But have you sold a single thing? No.

Will you? Maybe one here, one there. But if you did that at your current job, you'd be out in the street in less than a month.

So why are we so horrible to our own selves? Why do we work ourselves to the ground for others, but set ourselves up to fail when it comes to our own success?

Well, chances are, that's how you were raised. You were taught that you need to work hard and earn the money others saw fit to give you for your efforts. The more you worked, the more they'd give you and the more they'd promote you, right? RIGHT? And then, after all that, it was up to your boss to tell you it was OK for you to take some time to concentrate on yourself. Great, let me take the pennies I'm left with and refresh my soul to come back to you and lose it all over again.

So its no wonder that, when people start their own business, they are doing so part time. And this is where things fall apart if people are not careful. You start your own business -- then your business is just as important as your current job!! Why is it that you continue to get home late from the other job (though no one has forced you to stay late)? Why do you say to yourself "I'll work on my business next week, right now, I have to work on the presentation all night for my job."?

You need to start making you and your business a priority. There is NEVER going to be a perfect time for you to start. Just START where you are. Better tools will present themselves to you.

Start making arrangements to keep your job at your job - stop taking home work. Do it between 9-5. Too many meetings, you say? Can't get your work done because you spend all days talking to others? Then you need to a) put your foot down and challenge the necessity of the meetings and b) you need to start scheduling daily 2-3 hour meetings with yourself. Its amazing how much less your 'meetings' get when they look at your outlook and work around your schedule. Understand this...at your job, you are NEVER free. Your calendar should show that very point.

Don't forget to say no to meetings at 5pm or Later. I've literally told my boss no and they LEARNED not to schedule meetings after 4:30. If you let them run your life, They will.

You and your business are your priority. Treat it like the VIP it is. If you don't have too much time to work on it, then your actions need to be deliberate and direct. Do not engage in an activity that doesn't provide results!

I knew someone who was "preparing to prepare to start". At the end of two months he was frustrated because he had spent so much time and money on his business and had received nothing for his efforts. I sat down with him and said that all he was doing was spinning his wheels and he needed to stop any activity that was not immediately showing results. He argued with me for over an hour about how it was crucial that he needed be ready to answer all questions and be set for anything that came his way from his clients and his team in order to be an effective leader and business person.

At the end of his speech I looked at him and said, "Ok fine. So what do your clients and your team think of all this?" And he responded "I don't HAVE any!"

And I responded. "Exactly."

All the preparation in the world means nothing if you can't put it to use. You can't learn to be a fantastic leader until you start building a team to lead! You can't be a cruise guru if you aren't selling cruises! And it happens to all of us because we don't want make a mistake and seem weak or shady in front of others.

Once he realized what I was saying, he stopped buying the guides and just started having fun with promoting his business. Within DAYS, he had added three people to his team and several travel clients.

So If you have a business, ask yourself if you are spinning the wheels or are you going somewhere? If you are looking to start a business, keep all this in the back of your mind and watch out for the signs.

Best of luck!


I am not the worst employee, but the worst boss to myself. I will work myself to exhaustion and take no excuses....I have had to learn to be nicer to myself. So I guess I am the opposite of what you've written about in your post. But that is also a danger, because you can burn yourself out way too easily.
Moderation is the key.
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November 2010

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